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Launch into two intergalactic missions. Collect a fuel cell, capture your opponents, and invade their space bases. You will stumble over space hazards, fly over black holes, and encouner TYRAN... ruler of he universe. 

When you think you are close to winning, one move can turn the table and shift into a whole new game. 

Tyran - An Intergalactic Strategy Game

  • Two exciting strategy games in one for 2-5 players 8+. Easy to learn and follow rules.

    Game componenets:

    1 TYRAN, 16 ship tokens, 8 black holes, 8 fuel cells, 4 teleporters, 2 dice,

    21 board sections, 4 hazards, 4 bases. 

    Box size: 11.25 x 8.75 inch

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